RoboVac L70 Hybrid - Zone Cleaning Enhancements

Hello, I recently purchased the RoboVac L70 Hybrid and so far am loving the upgrade from the RoboVac 30C. Not only is the LIDAR mapping working great, it’s brushes are also designed in a way that seem to get stuck much less often than previous models.

One feature I’m missing compared to other LIDAR smart vacuums is scheduled cleaning of specific rooms. I try to have the L70 mop my kitchen floor everynight, so for me I have to set the Zone Cleaning for the kitchen area every night that I want to start the cleaning, and manually start it from within the app. Sometimes the app saves the previous Zone, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’d love if I could schedule regular cleaning of specific zones or rooms, so that I can schedule my kitchen to be mopped every night, 2x, at 10pm. This could be done either by scheduling against a zone, or even better, by adding the ability to save specific zones as “Rooms”, and then schedule cleaning for either Rooms or the full map.

As an added bonus, it’d be great to use voice controls (ie Alexa) to schedule cleaning of specific Zones/Rooms such as “Tell Robovac to clean the Kitchen”. Currently Alexa will only trigger the full map cleaning.

Thanks for considering this enhancement. So far I’m really loving the L70 and am surprised more people aren’t using it. This feature is one of the only ones that’s missing compared to the RoboRock vacuums.

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