Robovac l70 hybrid doesnt connect to the app

I was using this product without a problem for a month. Today while it was cleaning i checked my eufyhome app and the device was offline. I waited until it finishes and go back to the dock but it was still offline. Then i deleted the device from the app to reinstall it but hell no… After trying everything for 3 long hours nothing worked. Yes im using 2.4 and yes mobile internet is off… First it couldn’t find my device at all then after %99 connection failed message appeared. Also in my modem settings i can see my device is actually connected to the wifi (and wifi signal is solid blue on the device) . So i think the problem is the app here. Can anyone help?

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Hey there,

I have exactly the same problem.
Robovac was shown as offline and I thought it is a temporary problem.
But after a few days, nothing changed. Then I deleted the robovac in the app and I tried to add the robovac again. Same issue like you described.

In the next step, I described the problem to the eufy support.
I have done every step the support wrotes: “Yes im using 2.4 and yes mobile internet is off… First it couldn’t find my device at all, then after %99 connection failed message appeared”
Also tried different router… Nothing helps…
My router also shows the Robovac as connected, but it seems that the app can’t find it.

Support can’t help because the Robovac is a bit older than a year…
But without the app the Robovac is kind of useless… Sad situation in view of the price… and bad quality if it breaks a few month after the warranty expires…

For me it worked, after I deleted all app cache/data and reinstalled the app.

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Dear All, I bough Robovac L70 Hybrid in Chile, and 22 months later the battery died. THe store in Chile does not have replecement batteries to sell and they haveno solution. Before buying this product ensure they have the replacment batteries . It is an expensive appliance and is dissapinting to have them without use

Mine was fine after waiting 2 3 days. It suddenly started to work so i guess it was an update problem