RoboVac L70 app thoughts

I received one of these recently - here are a few improvements I’d love to see on the app. Overall I’m very happy with the L70 so far, so from my perspective here is how to make an already very good thing even better.

  • Named Zones: In the app, I can set a zone and have the L70 clean that area in a one off fashion. It would be great if I could save and name these zones, and then be able to dispatch to a zone on a schedule, or via a smart assistant command. My use case is I have an entryway I want to clean 2x or 3x a day, but want to clean the main rooms 1x per day.

  • “Dump site” vs Charge mode: I’d like to be able to specify a “dump site” for my L70. A place that it could go where I could easily empty the container. This could be scheduled to happen after a cleaning happened and then after the L70 fully charged itself again on the docking station. Then, when I see it parked next to my trash can, I know I can empty it and the when it detects that the dust bin was reinserted, it can park itself in the charger again. My use case is that my L70 lives under a console table in a different room from the trash can, so I have to walk it back and forth every day. There’s no good spot to let it live near my trash can so that is the best compromise solution I could think of.

  • Manual mode:

    • Add a joystick control option. Right now you can only control the L70 explicitly forward or explicitly left/right. I had difficulty manually navigating the L70 down my hallway, because I couldn’t get its path of travel to be parallel with the hallway, so I zigzagged down it instead.

    • Show the map while driving in manual mode. It can help to see that you’re updating the map, along with where you actually are.

  • Add more explicit directionality indications with the L70 icon on the house map. You need to know which way is facing forward in order to know whether you want to drive it forward or not.

    • Let me drive relative to the map, not just the device. Basically a “live map” mode, where I could click on the house map, and have the vacuum travel there.

Good thinking.

Welcome to the community.

There are some good idea here, hope Anker is taking notes and can implement some ideas in the future

Glad you’re enjoying the Robovac @Derek_Haas
And nice to see a positive angle on product improvements rather than to turn it into an opportunity to complain.
All the best and hope your great ideas come to fruition.

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