RoboVac 30c drive motor

Hi Community!

I have a little problem with my eufy RoboVac 30c.

The motor of the left wheel doesn’t work anymore. So I removed the wheel to have look at the DC motor inside. Nothing suprising, it’s burnt-out…
I tried to find a new motor an the internet to simply replace it, but I can’t find the motor.

So my hope is that you can help me to find the right motor.
Is there anybody who already replaced the motor?
Is there any data of these DC-motors?

Thanks for your suggestions!

P.S. I already got a new RoboVac from the support because of my warranty, but I want to repair my old one too.


You should take a look on some elder threads here.
There are some suggestions for replacements I remember.

Even there is video (YT) from a skilled tinkerer who replaced the motor.

I LOVE your idea to repair!
Welcome to EUFY’s tinkerer’s club!
Tell us more please how you proceed and I am sure you will be successful. :wink:
Because you make similar errors than I do : You are from Germany? :joy:

Good attempt to give the Robovac another life. Did you check with eufy support team if they sell spares as well? or direct you to a vendor perhaps!

Hi my friend!

I’m not sure if this thread can solve your issue, but you could check it out!

Hope you can find the motor you need :+1:

If you find that type of motor, you should change both sides of course.