RoboVac 11S replacement parts

I have an 11S and the left side brush gearbox is making a ratcheting sound when the brushes have any amount of resistance put on them. It sounds like the gears inside are stripped out. The Eufy support team is amazing and are providing me with a new replacement 11S under warranty and don’t want the original unit back. Other than the noise, the vac works great. I am a mechanical engineer by day so I like to try to fix things as a hobby. It looks like it shouldn’t be too difficult to change out the gearbox/motor for the side brush but don’t see anywhere online that you can purchase replacement parts for the Eufy vacs. Has anyone been able to locate a place that sells spare parts or had any luck getting Eufy to sell them to them?

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You should take a look at the other threads here dealing with
EUFY Robovac repairs.
Fellows have swapped motors and other parts of the Robot already,
These have been quite normal, common parts and could be found.

As you are skilled, it should not be difficult to unscrew and find the issue.
Please do us a favour and take photos of the steps you made.
We are interested in.
AND we are all here to help you anyway.

Go on! :grin:

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I have went thru all threads related to the 11 and 11S models and didn’t find any related to the side brush motor/gearbox which is why I started a new thread. I don’t think my issue is the motor but is instead the gearbox that the motor attaches to that drives the brush. There are no markings or part numbers of any kind on it so no way to look up spare parts online that I can think of…was hoping someone here may have had the same problem and already figured out a workaround I could benefit from.

For now, I will just remove the left side brush until the replacement RoboVac 11s arrives and then I will tear into it…

Is this thread can help you?

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Ja, I was thinking of such one.
He could contact these handicraft enthusiasts by pm.
But we all would like to see and to know if he is successful!

Thanks for the link…I had already seen that one and it doesn’t address the side brush motor/gearbox issue that I am having. Eufy support got back to me and confirmed my suspicions that the do not sell the side brush motor/gearbox and since they sent me a full replacement unit under warranty I can’t really complain.

Once my new unit arrives later this week, I plan on digging into the bad unit and seeing what I can do to fix it myself. Again, I don’t think it is the motor but rather the gearbox so not sure I will be able to find this online anywhere as it is likely a purpose built part for Eufy. if it is a gear issue and I can see if there is a way to locate a gear or have one 3D printed since I am sure they are plastic.

Do it!!!

There is no risk as you have a new one.
I, old styled engineer, would NEVER give such an item to the garbage easily.
It needs to be investigated! :wink:

Should be a gear wheel, because you said the motor is working.
The gears are nylon ones and could be replaced,
as these are always standard; I told you!
3-D printing is good,
BUT I don’t know if the perfect material is available for printing such a gear wheel,
eg. same characteristics as nylon, the gears are made from.

Screwdriver and courage! :grin:
If you are able to print such a replacement gear,
please shhht! :smiley:
Many would need such one, I suppose!

According to my security cam, the new RoboVac was just delivered to the house. I will make sure this one works properly and then let the teardown begin!

Good to know!

Hi , I am having the same issue with a 30c which is 4 months old, I am also an engineer , I took the side brush out to have a look at the gearing , the motor gear and intermediate were fine but the final driven gear was almost stripped, it seems to me the only long term solution is replace gears with brass equiv, in your research did you find anywhere that supplied gears of any description ? I will possibly try to get replacement under warranty like you did but it remains a shame to retire an otherwise good machine for the sake of a single gear.

We were talking about those gears in an older thread.
Those are quite common ones.
You should find replacements and if you are skilled you will do a repair.

I have the dreaded stripped side brush gear issue as well. Has anyone found a replacement source? I have contacted a supplier in China via eBay but I need the ID of the gear. The OD of the large and small gear was in another post, 21.1mm 40 teeth large gear and 5.7mm 10 teeth with the large gear having a 20 degree taper. I have not verified this but I’m searching based on this but need the ID.

There are many suppliers of that gear wheels.
The hole for the shaft can be altered by thrilling or filling.

Needs some research.
But via internet it should be successful.
Those are no “exotic parts” of course.

Merry Christmas and good luck!

I also have the same problem here with the left sidebrush. I tore down the robovac 11S and found the final gear wheel quite stripped on a segment. I contacted as well Eufy, and they gave me a new one, so it is a pitty to throw the old one away. It is 1 month old!!!

Does someone know where or how to obtain the gear wheels? What happened to the other people with the same problem?

Thanks in advance!

Eufy now sells replacement parts for the 11s on their website.

The side brush motor/gearbox is $12 (us).