RIP little buddy!

Well after nearly 4 years of daily use, my wall charger is giving up the ghost. One of the ports stopped charging, so I guess it’s only half-dead.

With an average cost to own of $3 / year ($0.008 / day) I’m more than happy with it’s performance. Guess it’s time to upgrade, and you better believe it’s going to be another Anker!


Sorry to hear about your loss, @Jay_F_Jsunami !
Before you pitch it, try leaving it unplugged for about 10 minutes to see if it starts working again. Some models have a breaker that gets tripped if a port tries to pull more than 3 amps of power, and the breaker will reset automatically once power is removed for 10 minutes or so.


Gone but not forgotten


It was definitely worth its price :+1:

Now how long did my Apple OEM Charger last again?? Oh yeah, it barely made it out of the box.

It had a good run. Hope you enjoy your new one just as much :+1:

Time to leave the past and upgrade :+1:

If you only need a basic charger, Anker do a 24 w wall charger for under £15 (GBP) .

Look on the site. I use for headphones, and the fiancée’s phone (it’s old microusb Moto).

Definitely can’t complain about that return on investment!

This is 100% a positive thing.
As now comes the excitement of buying another :+1:t2:

@Jay_F_Jsunami. Lasting 4 years is awesome. I would not throw it in the trash but you should give it a proper burial. I suggest put it in a box and bury in the ground or a burial by fire, Jedi style. :slight_smile: :wink: