Review of Soundcore Life p2

The Soundcore Life P2 is an amazing earbud. I have used this earbud for more then a week now, and I must say again, this is amazing. Giving me 7 hour per charge, but I use it over over than 7 hours, precisely 7:42:12 before it decided to die out. Bass is nice punchy, better than the Airpods, and not to mention its has a IPX7, I actually worn this to shower many times. All the specs on the back of the box is all true. I love this, but there’s one thing its missing, a volume control.
That’s it for my review of this Soundcore Life P2, and I’ll be also making a video of this products too, it’ll come out soon.@AnkerOfficial.
I have 2 more photos of its here in my Instagram:

Hey guys, the video is out. This is my first time making a review video. Hope You guys like it.

Note: sorry for my asian accent, english is not my native language.


Great review @IKETOR_OPKiller
Look forward to seeing the vid!

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Nice review @IKETOR_OPKiller thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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Thanks! :smile:

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Great video @IKETOR_OPKiller :+1:t2:

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Nice review congrats

Thank you! First time making one

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And you did a great job.

Great job with the review and photos. :clap:t2: