Review of PowerPort III Duo

I got my PowerPort III Duo today and it was nicely packaged and very clean just as usual per anker standards. However, I also have the PowerPort Atom 3 60W and compared it it, it was very light and cheap feeling. Perhaps this is because it has less electronics and heat sinks inside since it only needs to deliver 36 W total.

I did a few tests on the PowerPort III Duo and here are my findings.

  1. Both usb-c ports behaved independently and identically, with actions and load on one not affecting the other at all. However, one port had a slightly higher (approximately 100 mV) voltage than the other during the same tests.

  2. It uses USB PD revision 3.0 without PPS but only supports 5V (up to 2.4A) and 9V (up to 2A). The website claims 12V, but actually you’re only able to get 12V (up to 1.5A) from using QC2.0. With QC2.0, you’re able to obtain 5, 9, and 12 V. QC3.0 is not supported.

  3. A total of 36 W was able to be delivered by the device no problem.

Edit: It does support QC3.0. There was something wrong with my tester.


Nice clean review @Ryan_Fang would you recommend on over the other?

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Definitely the atom

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Good review, adding some pictures would make your review stand out even more

Good review!