Review of Powerline+ III - Lightning Cable (6 ft)

Great Update to an Already Great Cable!

I very recently reviewed the Powerline+ II Lightning Cables, lo and behold Anker has gone and done it again! They have upgraded that Powerline+ II to the Powerline+ III. There isn’t really that much of a difference up front, but the minor changes that did happen make an amazing cable even better.

The Powerline+ III has a stronger and more durable nylon braiding that you can feel. The cable itself feels heavier and more secure. If you even feel that the braiding will fray with the Powerline+ II, with the III’s that is the last thing you have to worry about.

Aside from the braiding quality and strength, which Anker says is 35x stronger than any other cables, the other minor change is on the connectors. The newer cables have sleeker, a little smaller, more rounded than the older ones. Additionally, they have a gloss finish to and note the Anker brand on both the USB A and the Lightning Connectors.

Again, these might be small changes, but detail matter to me and seems like Anker agrees with my notions. It’s also important to mention that like the Powerline+ II’s the upgraded cables are optimized for high-speed charging!

As always, Anker lightning cables come MFi Certified and also with Lifetime Warranty. So you do not ever need to buy another cable cause the braiding is frayed or the cable got so bent up that you have to do that wiggly motion to get it in that sweet spot to charge your device.



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Nice review @silverhwk89 thanks for sharing your experience with the cable.

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Thank you! Love doing these reviews! Hope to keep getting better at them.

Great review :ok_hand::+1:

I have one of these braided PowerLine+ Lightning cable and these have been working great

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Best cables on the market :muscle:t2:

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Good job, good photos, Thank you!
Those braided cables are really the best!

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Nice review and photos. This lightning cable is never far from my phone.

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Bought the 3 ft one recently and I love it. Very sturdy and well worth the price!

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I love the glossy finish on the ends :heart_eyes: