Review: Anker PowerStrip 2 with 2 USB Ports - We Love Testing

About 2 weeks ago I received my We Love Testing Sample, Anker PowerStrip 2 with 2 USB Ports, from Anker. After 2 weeks of testing I have to say this is a great travel power strip. It gives me enough power to charge my two laptops, charge my iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and all of my other USB devices when I travel or work offsite at a Café or / the Library.

A big thank you @AnkerOfficial for selecting me as one of the chosen testers. This is a great program for your fans and the community.

You can find my full review over on my personal site, and you can find a full set of high res images from unboxing to my complete setup over at flickr. Below you can find a summary of the review.

Anker PowerStrip 2 with 2 USB Ports

After pulling the power strip from the box, I was instantly impressed with quality and design of the unit. The power cord is five feet long and thick. Both ends are protected so you don’t have to worry about the live of the unit failing because of cord bending to many times. It comes in matte white with the Anker logo in gray and small blue status LED on top. On the front side of the power strip the IQ USB ports can be found and are blue. On each side there is a single 3 prong outlet. On the bottom is a non-slip rubber ring (it works!) that is designed to keep the power strip in place.

For the testing I powered two laptops, and charged my phone and old iPad gen 2 at the same time. I also tested the USB ports by charging, headphones, my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I even plugged in my wireless charging cradle, power banks, charged my camera batteries, and a USB fan.

Testing the USB Ports and Electrical Outlets

The USB ports work great. They aren’t the fastest charging ports but they will still charge my phone in less than 2 hours (1 hour 40 minutes for 35% to 100%). But if I start charging on the second port the charge time increases.

When using the electrical outlets and USB ports at the same work well together. I didn’t notice a slow down in the charging. I also found the strip doesn’t heat up. It gets a little warm but that’s normal for electronics.

Final Thoughts

I’ve only been using the PowerStrip 2 with 2 USB Ports for over a week but so for I love and can see the possibilities and have the chance to get rid of some travel gear. Although I still have to carry power cords for my notebooks, I can now remove my wall chargers (I still have to carry my Power Delivery wall charger for the those days I need quick charge).

I read a review over at amazon about the USB ports are IQ 1.0 and not the most current version. I couldn’t find any information on and Amazon about the version and I’ve seem to have misplaced the paperwork and box that came with it. So I can confirm this. If this is correct, Anker has done this in the past and it may be hardware/software related reason. Either way, it doesn’t bother me and I works great for my needs and I recommend anyone who is traveling and need of a small travel power strip with USB ports to to take a look at this power strip.

I plan on updating my full review after doing some traveling and as I have some more time with it.

Please Note: Because of its size Anker was not able to add surge protection.


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Great review and pictures! :clap:

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