Review: Anker Bluetooth Folio Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad 9.7

I recently purchased the Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard for iPad and it has come in handy! I like that it’s very easy to remove the iPad from the keyboard when I want to use it as a tablet and then reattach it to the keyboard when I want to use it as a “laptop”. The only downside is the added bulk: it more than doubles the weight of the iPad. I assume this is to make the base stable enough to support the iPad and prevent the unit from tipping backwards, but it’s something to keep in mind if you want to make this case your daily driver.

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Quick video review:


Don’t have time, but I’ll watch it later. Leaving a comment so I can find it :wink:

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thanks for sharing!

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This will be the smallest laptop you have!:smile:


Me: *pulls out DS lite*

Hey, I just checked out the review. It seems like the plastic is a little bit “cheap” (low quality, light plastic). What do you say about the quality of the plastic?

Tha ks for your review, it looks like a good product and one I would look to get if I had an ipad. I like that you can adjust it to fit the ipad or ipad air.

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That’s neat that you can adjust to fit both the Air and 9.7. I’ve always found that keyboard cases for the iPad makes it much heavier and bulkier. But on the other hand, that is a very nice looking keyboard. I like that it uses magnets to attach. And being able to change the color of the keyboard light is pretty cool. :slight_smile: Great job with the review.

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Good question. Actually, the plastic portion (the top part that goes around the iPad) is very rigid and really doesn’t have any give. It should definitely protect the iPad!

Nice case and keyboard. I may buy this for my iPad Air2 if the new iPadOS13 can let me use it like a regular laptop.

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The Safari upgrade in iPadOS13 should definitely bring the iPad closer to a laptop experience!

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Thanks for Sharing!

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I can live with current Safari, but need more UI, File management so I can do most of ususal stuff on the iPad and need not bother about laptop.
And, the USB port, wish if this key board was hard wired and give us extra USB ports so we can connect flashdrive.

Terrific video review. It looks like a nice little package for the iPad. :ok_hand:t2:

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