Remaining connected even in case

I have the liberty lite. Shouldn’t it turn off when in the case? I noticed this morning that they were still connected (headphone icon showing on iPhone) 12 hours after I put them in the case. Is that what it is supposed to do?

Sometimes if when inserted the oins do not make contact they will remain on. So whenever you out then into the case, make sure the charging light comes on as this will auto turn them off and disconnect from your phone.
Take a look at the charging oins and the charging contacts and make sure there is nothing blocking them, they’re not bent or anything.


@Neil_Levy I believe they should turn off (disconnect) automatically when they are back in the case. Check the connectors are free from dust or lint and/or try a manual power off of the earbuds…then see if they behave as expected at the next use…

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As soon as you place them back in the case they’ll disconnect from Bluetooth and are meant to automatically switch off. Definitely check the connections aren’t dirty as I haven’t experienced this problem with them.


So this is from my experience is that this happens to me all the time. I’ve noticed this happens when i store them as I store them in the side pocket of my backpack. the only way i get a good off and charge condition is when they are at my desk flat and where i can monitor them. the other day i noticed this issue on my phone I turned off my Bluetooth and this preserved the battery on the head phone at least. I just don’t understand how the smallest nudge causes them to flip back on and look for a pairing device. Oddly enough this is focused on the right core ear bud.

Mine did the same thing and weren’t charging. I had changed the ear wings. They are marked L and R. I had them on the wrong earbuds which prevented the from laying flat in the case. I switched them and it fixed the problem. :+1:t2: