Red light for night vision

Hello everyone.

I use the an indoor cam for my children bedroom to check if they sleep or not.
I was using a Mi Camera 360 for that because of the night vision.

Now I have the Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt and Indoor Cam 2K at home since a few month.
Problem is, the camera in a night vision mode show 5 red dots that you can CLEARLY see with your eyes compare to the Mi Camera 360.
My kids always speak about those red light looking at them so they don’t want to sleep because of this.

I had to rollback the camera and used my old Xiaomi Camera 360 :confused:

Is there a way to diminish those red dots ? (those for night vision)
I don’t understand why they are so visible, you can clearly see the camera in the dark.

Even if you use those camera for security purpose, a burglar can clearly see where the camera is …

Thank you

I doubt there is any way to diminish the lights

On our Eufycam 2 outdoor cameras the InfraRed lights only come on when camera sensor is triggered, and go off again when recording is finished ( to save battery life ) so maybe the outdoor camera is better to use indoors if kids do not like red lights…

Nope, they are on all the time and no way to lower them. When my kids had issues sleeping for awhile, I would just turn it on after they went to sleep because they though someone was watching them too.

I did say that it was the Eufycam 2 outdoor camera - the one that links up with Homebase 2 where the IR lights do not stay on, and only come on for the duration of the camera triggering. The indoor camera is a wired camera to no need to preserve power in the battery. I like it that the red IR only comes on when triggered because it means the spider will not be interested in building webs over the camera and no red lights showing all the time to alert passersby to the camera position.