Reboot Home Base Remotely

I am away from home for the week and there was storm that took my cable modem offline (Xfinity). I got them to reboot the modem and now its online. Is there a way to reboot the home base. The app keeps saying that its offline. Is there a way to restart it so I have video feed from all the cameras around our house? Thanks!

May be you get a satisfying answer there.

Although the modem is rebooted and working but the issue now could be in your router. I am assuming that homebase and other devices are connected through the wifi. Thus the homebase is not connected by an ethernet cable.

If you have somebody whom has access to your house, you could have them to reboot the router and homebase as well.

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Thanks, Duane and Franz. You’re correct, it is the router that needs rebooting. I was hoping the big storm would have resulted in a power outage this weekend so that every device would reboot, but alas a miracle happened and the power stayed on! Where’s an outage when you really need one! :wink:

Thanks for your helpful responses!


Post-fact so not immediately helpful, but you going forward most routers can be programmed to do a timed automatic self reboot.

What I did was I had a UPS which powered modem, router, server. The router supported telnet and I had the server send an expect script to the router at a harmless time of night.

The same ideas can usually be used on most things. Those which can’t then a smart power switch can control the physical power. Typically a controlled sequenced power off then on can be programmed.

It helps if you have more often power outages to then learn your home’s foibles to then tune the setup over time. If outages are rare then make fake ones at the fusebox and learn what is needed.

The easiest going forward is learn your router’s timed reboot capability.

As for security, there is no technology answer, only human ones. Appear poor, nothing to steal, own old things used 2nd hand, and if bad things happen the money is in the bank to replace. A camera does say you have something to protect.

What a great idea. Everyone needs a reboot every once in awhile. Why not routers. I like the idea of just doing that on a regular basis. The modem can be rebooted through the xfinity app. I’ll look into that feature with my netgear modem and app. I believe I saw a remote reboot feature. I just need to activate it when I get home this weekend. Thanks for your great idea!!