Really disappointed with my Roav S1

Just an update to this, they sent me a beta version of the app, which didn’t correct the problem, and they told me they cannot replicate the issue and told me to use a different phone, so I am sending it back and going with a Viofo A129 front instead.

Thanks for providing updates @Spawne32 , This is weird because how is it only affecting you, what causes the issue that is only seen by you and not others. Wonder if there are others out there with the same issue but haven’t noticed it. Well hopefully the Viofo will work out for you.

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He is not the only one, others have experienced the same issue. Shame they cannot replicate it on their end, but maybe they have more patience then the rest if us

Yeh I am definitely not the only one with this issue. It is clearly some sort of bluetooth/wifi issue, because the second you disable bluetooth, you get 2 mb/s speeds or better without an issue. Very stable connection. It’s ashame because I like the device overall, but if I cannot access the video on the fly without having to configure my phone or fumble with disconnecting and reconnecting to my car, its useless to me.

At least they actually tried to help. Sucks they couldn’t fix it. Let’s hope your new dash cam doesn’t give you any issues :+1:

I’m having extremely slow transfer speeds on a Galaxy S10+ while using the 1080p 60fps quality setting. I can maybe view 4 seconds of footage every 40 seconds. I also now have “NOGPS” in the corner of every video that has been recorded the past few days. Obviously a new GPS connection problem. Weather has been extremely good lately with a clear view of the skies at all times. Tried an SD format with no change. I’m on version 1.7.


Try turning off Bluetooth as that has helped others in the past

what do you think after 2 months of using? problem Resolved?

I had version 1.4 and it worked. When they sent me version 1.9 there was the same problem - “NoGPS”

I just picked up an S1 from…not impressed so far. It is touted as 2K online via the listing and specs, but I don’t see how this is 2k? My image details are 1920x1080, 60fps, which is NOT 2K from what I understand. I also see some S1 cameras that have 2K stamped on them, mine does NOT.

Anyways, that aside, the App is super buggy, VPN forces you to force close the app upon exit. I knew transfer speeds would be slow, so I’m fine pulling out the SD.

Audio is muffled, which I knew going in.

Video 1080/60fps and I can hardly make out plates that are 10’ in front of my car and stopped at light, middle of the day, overcast or sunny. Pixelation is terrible when driving. I was hoping for clear, precise images, video looks to be 480p max.

Am I missing something or is this going to be a quick turnaround return to Amazon?

Quick turnaround it is

Back to Amazon it goes

I guess Anker is out of the dashcam business