Quick Review - Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell



This review was originally posted on my Instagram review account: Amanda_Reviews_It, but I’d like to post on here as well. As this is one of my first comprehensive reviews, I’d love some feedback! (Note that this review is pretty short, as I’d like to keep them somewhat brief for hurried Instagram users with short attention spans :wink:)

If you want a solid video doorbell but don’t want to shell out $250+ for a Nest or Ring, then Eufy’s 2k Video Doorbell may fit the bill. While video quality may not be Ring-level, it’s really quite good. Installation was a breeze, and electrical work terrifies me, so that’s saying something. One downside is that there currently is no way to constantly record video; the unit records clips when an event is triggered to an internal 4gb memory card that can’t be removed. Although the unit is wired, the chime is emitted from a plug-in unit, which didn’t bother me at all (it even lets you choose your chime tone). Eufy is in the process of adding new features to the app and is very responsive to user feedback–that’s one thing that Anker and its brands do so well. Overall, while this video doorbell isn’t a slam-dunk, I have faith in this company and have really enjoyed testing out this unit. Thanks Eufy!



Good review! I’ll be leaving mine sometime soon!

You may get a better view if you use the 15 degree wedge… since you have the brick there


Totally agree. I turned the IR off at night because we have decent lighting, but I should have put the wedge in first. I didn’t want to re-wire it, for fear I’d break something!

  1. Turn off power
  2. Take doorbell off mount using pin
  3. Remove wires from receptacles
  4. Unscrew the mount
  5. Add the wedge
  6. Screw in mount and wedge
  7. Attach wiring to doorbell receptacles
  8. Clip doorbell back on mount
  9. Reboot the doorbell and enjoy!


Excellent Review. Did you setup the motion detection zones so it didn’t trigger on the flag waving?


Nice review!


Thank you for sharing a great review!


Yep, that’s exactly what I did. A lot of users had problems with false alarms, but once you tweak the detection sensitivity and set up a detection zone, I was golden.


Thank you @Daiross @Shenoy @NxtGen ! Glad to have some positive feedback. It’s hard to distill everything down to an acceptable length for Instagrammers, but I’m tryin’!


I read the original review on instagram. Great review and pics!


Nice review. :slight_smile: Footage looks pretty good.


thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for your honest review :slight_smile: I’m hopeful with firmware updates, Eufy will be able to fully use the 2K resolution to surpass the Ring in image/video quality.


@John_Huynh3 I know the recently updated firmware that allows the user to select which video resolution they’d like, and I’ve had mine set to 2K, but there are some people that think it’s not actually 2K. Have you run into that?


Good review @apsavarese , clean, to the point & excellent photos! Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting, That was something that I was putting into my review. Even with the updated FW, I cannot set what resolution to use.


Great review… thanks for posting!


Nice and short review, great pictures and quality is good.
Thanks for sharing :+1:


Wow! The night view is excellent. Most cameras have bad quality in low light. Thank you for leaving the review!


Great review and photos! Thanks for sharing your review with us :smiley: