Problems with pairing A7721

Your A7721 is a very nice keyboard but I have coniously problems with the pairing password.
I have to fill it in often after storting my pc.
Sometimes I succeed in fillin the password which is given, sometimes I won’t. Then the Anker is shown in the list of add devices. When clicking it there opens a field in which I should give the password. But I forget the password that was showed automatically the first time. What password should I give? Not ‘0000’ or ‘1234’.
I use a W10 laptop

Hi @paolokort, thanks for letting us know your concern, I have pass your problem to my colleague. The anker support team will send email to help you ASAP!:yum:

Sorry to hear that you have got this trouble. If you have tried 0000 and keyboard still cannot be paired, could you please try troubleshooting below to see how it works?

  1. make sure the keyboard is full recharged.
  2. test it with anther device to see how it works
  3. delete the pairing record from your device and reconnect the Bluethooth of the keyboard

If there is still any problem, please feel free to contact us directly for help :slight_smile:

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This solution does not work.

I forget device
I turn keyboard on and pair (FN + Z)
Blue light
Windows say connected
Asks for keycode
000000 DOES NOT WORK nor do any other numbers show.

Terrible product