PowerWave Wireless Car Charger 5/7.5 & 10w

Found this by accident.
Wireless phone charger and phone holder in one with £8 off bringing this down to £24.99.



Nice deal, thanks for sharing! A lot of the deals I have found have also been by accident.

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I have this, it works great.

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Great deal :clap:

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Nice deal for our friends!!! :clap:

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Hey @Tank
Hope you are well.
I will be in the market or something like this soon and wondering it you are still getting on with it ok?
I’ve only used screen mount type which are generally secure and stable.
How’s this for stability? I’m also concerned about the tightness of the ball joint does it droop or sag?

Blah, been sick all week and had to get tested for covid again…although my test was negative again, I do think I have the flu. Story of my life, this year has been hell.

As for the phone mount, it works great and the swivel ball is rock solid. The only time I had it drop or move on me was when i drove over the road where they were preparing to pave it, so essentially it was like driving over rumble strip for the 5 miles they were paving.

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Just hang in there bud, things will start looking up again :+1:

Oh no, sorry to hear that @Tank hope you start feeling better soon, and thanks for taking the time to reply.

I’m glad to hear the phone holder is doing a great job, think I’ll order one when the deals come round.

All the best mate.