PowerWave 7.5 Stand won't charge iPhone 13?

Just upgraded to a new iPhone 13, placed it in my PowerWave 7.5 stand at my desk, and it’s not charging – initially I see a solid blue on the indicator, but after a second or 2 it starts flashing blue & doesn’t charge. I’m assuming the new phones are incompatible with the 7.5 stand?

Did you reach out to Anker directly?

I’m curious about this as I’m contemplating upgrading my phone to the 13 but don’t wanna have to start replacing my existing wireless chargers.

Did you try a placing it in a different spot?

@k_pug2003 – I haven’t yet reached out directly to Anker about it. Thought I’d see what the responses were like here before trying to navigate what I’m assuming will be the black hole of support.

@ikari04warrior I’ve tried moving it around in a bunch of different spots, and the only way it’ll charge in the PowerWave 7.5 stand is in landscape mode – it works, but certainly isn’t ideal.

I have a different stand on my home desk – a PowerWave Stand 10W Max – and that still works just fine in both portrait & landscape modes for my iPhone 13. Think it’s just an issue with the positioning of the coils in the 7.5. Think I may upgrade the stand at my office to one of the magsafe-compatible ones & retire the 7.5 stand.

Or an issue with the charging pickup in the iPhone @forepac?
I love that it’s assumed when getting a new product if existing, working supporting accessories suddenly don’t work thats its the “problem” of the accessory.
So what did Apple say when you spoke with them that their new phone isn’t compatible with existing accessories?

did you try it again?

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Definitely look into other options if you are not happy with it. My Note 20 is finicky when it comes to wireless chargers so I understand your pain

So I’ve given up on the 7.5 stand – it won’t charge in portrait. I’ll give it to a friend still using an iPhone pre-iPhone 12. My 10W works just fine, so I’m assuming Anker changed the positioning of the coils between generations.