PowerPort III Nano US edition review

Disclaimer: This is my 2nd community post, so I am not a pro or long time user here.

To start off, it arrived in a small box which only contained the usual guide, happy card, and the Anker Nano itself. It was a welcome Christmas present for me, as my old charger had just broken. (Qualcomm Quick Charger) I plugged it into the outlet, and noticed it fast charged my phone! A month and a half later, I’m reviewing this and will give a final verdict, pros and cons, and a buy/don’t buy list.


  • Charges at up to 20w, good for most phones (except VOOC phones, like from OPPO and OnePlus)
  • PowerIQ 3
  • Same size as Apple 5W Charger (Europe model excused from this)
  • USB-C connector
  • No activity light
  • Does not take up other outlets


  • No foldable plug
  • No activity light
  • No cable included unless you get a bundle
  • Gets hot to the touch at max throttle


Nano in background vs Atom 60W

Nano vs PowerCore Slim 10k PD 18w

The legendary Nano

Nano vs Apple 5W charger

Nano does not take up the other outlet

Buy if you…

  • Need a charging upgrade
  • Are switching to USB-C
  • Got an S21/iPhone 12/other phone w/o included charger
  • Dislike activity lights
  • Like a small charger
  • Don’t care about warmth

Don’t buy if…

  • You care about charger warmth
  • You need more than 20w
  • You need a folding plug
  • You need an activity light

Andd that is all. Have a very good day!


Great review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :+1:

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Great @foreverxml
Those dinky Nano’s have gained a lot of respect, and quite rightly so.

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Great review and photos!

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On a roll, another nicely done review :+1:

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Hot to the touch is worry some. How long does it take to get hot? How long will this thing last if it it getting hot? How does this effect the item being charged?

It only gets hot when pumping out 18w or higher. It is normal, because it does not have a heatsink in the US or EU.

The UK variety doesn’t get hot, either built different inside or just the shape being flatter naturally cooler. I suspect it’s different inside and outside.