PowerPort+ Atom III Dual Port REVIEW

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I was lucky enough to win this charger in the “Share Your Robovac Moments and Win” promotion and wanted to share my initial thoughts.

Thanks again @ankerofficial :+1:t2:

Anker has a great community forum with regular reliable contributors who will lend a helping hand if you have any “real world” questions. It’s full of user reviews, product and new release information, product testing opportunities and a section to trade virtual “bucks” earned by forum participation for entries into the Power Draw giving you a chance to win some great prizes. Check it out here;


Anker produces quite a few PowerPort chargers in various shapes, sizes, outputs and connections so there’s one to suit your requirements.
Don’t believe me? Check out the link below and tell me in the comments what other brands offer that Anker doesn’t;

So what do we have here?

This is a premium charger with a USB and USB-C output.
It has GaN technology, never heard of it? You’re not alone.
Its essentially a different kind of material used inside which gives better efficiency, cooler operation and a smaller size.

Have a read here if you want to know more about GaN;

Brief Spec,

USB - PowerIQ 2.0 15w
USB-C - PowerIQ 3.0 45w
Depth is 7cm without a cable inserted.

Here it’s compared to the PowerPort III Mini for size.


Simple packaging in the brands regular blue and white colourway.

First Impressions,

Nice looking charger, gloss white finish with light grey front section surrounding the output ports.

In Use,

Plug it into the wall socket, grab your favourite PowerLine and start charging your device!
I’ve used both outputs for simultaneous charging and the charger doesn’t generate any heat which is reassuring.

Charge times,

With Power IQ 3 you can trust this to charge almost whatever you plug into it at the highest speed possible.
For testing purposes I’ve charged the iPad Pro 10.5” which has a 8134mah battery using the PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning cable.
From completely flat (won’t turn on) the following are screen grabs of charging percentages per 30 minutes of charging.

Who Would Use This?

Anyone with anything to charge, simple!


Fast charging for most devices.
Power IQ3.
GaN technology.
With dual output types you can utilise existing cables.


It’s still quite deep and factoring in the addition of a cable this would stand proud 10cm from the wall socket - not so good if you need this to go behind a unit.


If you’re in the market for a new, or want to upgrade the charger that came with your device, there’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t buy this charger.


Great review like always. Definitely a must have for people who

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Another great review and photos Paul. Keep up the great work. :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:


Thanks @ikari04warrior and @Macgyver15
I always try and review items ive won, only seems fair to give a little back.


Great Paul.
The best!
Excellent photos.
Taken before or after that Karaoke-bar? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Great review, nice pics!! Thanks for sharing @paulstevenewing :+1:

I have the Powerport+ Atom III, excellent travel companion… Always have it with me when I travel, and default charger for my Lenovo ThinkPad and iPhone when I travel!!!



Excellent review again @paulstevenewing

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Thanks @Chiquinho @Shenoy and @ndalby
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Great review @paulstevenewing

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Great in-depth review and pics :muscle:t2:

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Thanks @Ice1 and @k_pug2003
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Awesome review! Great job! :ok_hand:

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This is the one I use when I travel :+1:
It delivers plenty of power for my devices


Thanks @Daiross @ikari04warrior :+1:


These beefy chargers are ironically a good fit in the UK as the 3 pin socket is more able to hold the weight into the socket. In US I just found hotel sockets too worn. I have a love/hate on the socket type, the UK is more reliable but much bigger.

I see @Shenoy at a Terminal 3 SFO United gate, those sockets are new, most of them are new in airports as its a relatively frequent need for lots of power sockets, but in some older/cheaper hotels I was having to put something under them. I didn’t own this specific charger but the Powercore Fusion 5000 coached me of the limits of weight in US sockets in hotels and drove me to a Powercore 5 type solution with a cord. Some older hotels still have a socket basically behind the bed mattress and so you needed a cord.

This last 12 months I have been in:

  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • Portland, OR
  • Salt Lake City
  • Helena, MT
  • Souix Falls
  • Green Bay, WI
  • Las Vegas
  • St Louis
  • Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Nova Scotia
  • Maine
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Boston
  • Dublin
  • UK

You have very good eyes and analytical skills @professor :grin: … what a perfect estimate of location and terminal :ok_hand:

Yeah, that 3rd pin helps a lot i guess, especially if you’ve got a couple of braided cables hanging out of it too!

Not just 3rd pin, fact they’re square not straight, the USA is two flat pins parallel to gravity, designed to fall out.

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I keep an extender power cable with me all the time for these issue,


Oh flat, didn’t realise they were flat!
Have you seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation?
Here’s a pic that makes me laugh every time I watch it.