PowerPort Atom 4

Looking for some information on the Anker PowerPort Atom 4, I can see its available on the Anker US and Amazon US, but no where else.
I need a power delivery charger that can charge 2 laptops at once my 2020 MacBook and a 13" Dell XPS.

Anyone know if this will be available in the UK or if it already is where I can get it?

Thanks in advance

This all depends on marketing strategies.
All “new” items are offered in the US first.
Some make it over the pond others never do.

It might be a while before it goes to the UK, if it goes there at all

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Personally I’d buy two chargers. Better value and you can tune the port power combinations better.

E.g. two of these when they’re on sale

Seen it on sale for about £35

So this would be two 60W or one 60W and 2 30W or 4 30W depending which of the 4 ports you used.

There are other chargers usually lower cost.