Powerport Atom 4 discontinued?

anybody know where can i get this? seems like discontinued in the amazon US, but still sold in amazon JP.
really disappointed on why this is discontinued.

or you guys are planning to launch a newer version?

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Per some earlier posts on Community, There are plans to bring these back with possiblly some redesign (some people had issues, I have one of these, not seen any issues) but there is no date committed yet. You may search the community for details.

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Great info, I thought they just sold out

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ah i see, thank you very much for the info.

i was about to drop my money on other brands, glad to hear about this.

This is why its confusing when they remove items from the website we never know if its because of issues or simply out of stock

any ETA on this maybe?

seeing that anker releases many new products recently but no signs of 100W charger, i’ve starting to lose faith that this product will ever see the light again.

if there isn’t any news in these weeks maybe i should just move on to other less reliable brands ;(

Only @AnkerOfficial can answer your question… it was mentioned this would come back and under design considerations…

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still no news? :frowning:

The thermal issues with larger chargers, the surface area reduces relative to volume, so larger chargers struggle to not get hot.

What I do is carry a USA extension cord, the type with 3 sockets across 2 sides and plug in the smaller chargers, e.g. Powerport 4 and another. It gets me to 100W in a different way and is more flexible in how I combine them.

i’d prefer to carry just a single charger with me during travels though, can’t beat the convenience.

the dual-usbc port is something that is not found in many chargers out there

I concur, I also much prefer the elegance of one charger.

The issue is not one of design but of physics, so cannot be preferenced away.

Perpetual machines do not exist, all machines have some losses, there is heat, and current materials will become less efficient with heat - lack of superconductors.

We live in a 3 dimensional flat space and so surface area increases slower than volume. So all physical items will get hotter with size, and less efficient.

I would love a 60W small 4-6 port charger, ideally one with a C7 cord, but the higher wattage chargers necessarily end up larger more than their wattage.

Two 30W chargers either side of a dual-sided USA socket is not elegant, I don’t want such a carbunkle but it’s a reality right now. Beside my bed right now is a Powerstrip cube and it has a OnePlus Dash charger, a Huawei charger and I am recharging my Lc130 off one of its USB-A sockets. Messy!