PowerLine III USB-A Cable with Lightning Connector Thorough Review

hey guys! here’s my thorough full review, after using this cable for months and i will explain in the review what my thoughts and impressions of this cable and compare it with the powerline II. now lets get started! :slight_smile:

the packaging of the cable is like any other cable which comes in a simplistic box and happy or not happy paper which comes in every anker product.

Build quality:
I’ve been using this cable for a while now to charge my iphone and ipad and it works great. it has superior build quality compared to the powerline 2 and is also thinner than the powerline 2. the cable feels good in hand and because of the non slip grip i can plug it easily in my ipad/iphone.

aesthetics of the cable:

the cable is white and i feared that it could get yellow over time however the cable will not after using it for a while it has stayed white which is great!

function: provides my iphone with charge and can transfer data perfectly :slight_smile: .


anker says that the cable has over a 25000 bend lifespan which is great as this will last longer than the powerline 2 and is also thinner.


after testing this cable for a while i can say that this is a great cable for everyday use as its more durable and much better build quality compared to the apple cable which is pretty expensive. however, personally i would recommend purchasing a longer powerline 3 cable as it was quite short when using it besides that i would rate this product a solid 9/10 cable and would recommend this to anyone purchasing a cable.

hope you liked the review… i’m posting pictures right now


Great review @Master78681 :+1:t2:
I got one for testing and loved it too.
Mine lives in the car to sync my phone for CarPlay.

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Nice review @Master78681👏

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Very well done :clap:

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Awesome review!! :clap:t4:

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Nice! Im interested in getting a couple of these as well! Looking forward to the pics!

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