PowerIQ 2 and Google Pixel 3axl

I recently purchased a power cube that comes with PowerIQ 2. PowerIQ 2 is supposed to output 18W, but when I plugin my Google Pixel 3aXL, it only said “Charging” instead of “Charging Rapidly”. Is there any issue?

IQ2 = regular USB 10W + Qualcomm Quickcharge2 27W
IQ3 = IQ2 + Power Delivery which goes upto 100W

Pixel uses Power Delivery, which IQ2 doesn’t do so you are seeing negotiation to a common denominator 10W.

You need IQ3 not IQ2 for this phone.

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Thanks, I was looking at this IQ 2 page.
https://www.anker.com/deals/poweriq, which appears to implied that it can deliver

5V@1A = 5W
5V@2A = 10W
5V@2.4A = 12W
9V@2A = 18W
12V@1.5A = 18W

I was curious to see why it’s not trigger the 9V@2A which I believe a Pixel 3aXL supports.

Repeating myself but you still seem to be quoting voltages and current and not understanding protocols.

Standard USB is 5V 2A. The charger will only transmit more than 9V if it receives a compatibility signal, which comes from the protocol. QC2 is a different protocol from PD.

That link if you look at say the Galaxy S8 it mentions, it was using Quick Charge 2.0, which was within IQ2.

IQ2 is Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 2.0 compatible , so that 9V 2A is only going to be given to a QC compatible problem. Your phone isn’t, it’s Power Delivery. Power Delivery is not QuickCharge. So the charger and the phone only share 5V 2A in common.



Anker didn’t roll PD into IQ until IQ3. So you needed to have bought an IQ3 or a PD charger port.

I didn’t really have a understanding of how the negotiation works. Based on articles from various tech journal, it make it sound like PowerIQ is attempts to negotiate with the phone and picks out the optimal voltage and current. What you are saying is that PowerIQ is replicating QC and PD protocols and can only connect on supported QC and PD protocols?

Does Anker have a list of protocol that each level of PowerIQ supports somewhere? My next purchase may be a PowerWave Magnetic Pad and want to connected to with a Anker Nano Powerport III, but there is no spec on what powerwave needs.

IQ = 5V 2A
IQ2 = IQ + QC 9V 2A
IQ3 = IQ + QC + PD 9V 15V 20V

Your phone is PD. So you see it only gets 5V 2A.

With Qi it’s a different issue, Qi uses QC and needs QC 18V in to make 10W out so your IQ2 18W charger is actually useful for a Qi pad.

So wireless has it’s own standards. For it to receive 15W to the pad it needs an 18W QC2 (So a IQ2 you own) charger, from which 10W gets into the phone. If you didn’t use a 18W QC2 / IQ2 charger to the pad then it would give probably only 5W or 7.5W.

Quick Charge eventually merged with PD at QC4. There’s almost no QC phones being newly made now, it’s PD or proprietary (non-QC, non-PD, e.g. VooC).

Your options:

  • just understand you IQ2 charger will only do 10W for your Pixel phone (as Pixel uses PD, not QC).
  • send it back and get a IQ3 or PD which does 18W
  • keep it and use it to connect to an QC required wireless pad and then it will be a good faster wireless performance.

Wireless charging is much less efficient than wired, so for your phone to get 10W from wireless you have to feed it 18W which the Qi standard needs QC2 which IQ2 port does have.

image image image

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