PowerDrive 2 Alloy Test Review


The charger itself is smaller than most car chargers. It fits nearly flush with the dashboard of my car which makes it harder to accidentally bump or yank out. Despite it being so small, it is easy to remove when necessary.

As far as charging speed, this charger charged my iPhone 50 percent in about an hour, which is better than most chargers. This is not a quick charge charger however, I can definitely tell the difference between this charger and my older one.

Would highly recommend.

EDIT: added photo of the charger with size comparison to my finger.


Would you mind posting any photos of the product? Other than that it’s a nice, straight to the point review :wink:


Did you win this one the ‘We love Testing event’?


We should make photos mandatory with community reviews :wink:

But, it was a short and sweet review of it, so thanks for sharing your experience with it so far. :slight_smile:


Nice short review, as others mentioned, photos will add value to your review.


A direct review and honest about charging capabilities. It would have been helpful to see a photo of the PowerDrive plugged in to your car.


Nice review!