PowerDrive 2 Alloy review



PowerDrive 2 Alloy : how good is it ?

1. Exterior design and aesthetics
The first thing that came to my mind is “wow, this is super classy !” This full metal design is awesome, and very pleasurable to handle, whereas stylish. Furthermore, it’s very compact and almost doesn’t stick out from the cigarette lighter. This is very comfortable over time.

2. Use
I used it in a Mercedes-Benz A-Class and in a Peugeot 3008. Because the biggest one is the Peugeot, I mostly use it in this one because it’s pretty useful for journey : I plug my phone and a speed camera indicator. Obviously, you just have to plug it in the cigarette lighter and it works. I think this is pretty perfect, besides my iPhone charges pretty fast.

3. For who ?
This product is ideal for anyone who wants to charge up just his phone fast and have a second device to recharge, especially if your car has a dark interior.

4. Facing competitors
Compared to Belkin or Coyote products, it’s way more refined and powerful. The two USB ports makes it obviously better than single USB port cigarette charger. So, ideal.

5. Summary
To conclude, I recommand this charger to almost anyone, except for those who need USB-C or more ports. Pretty stylish and powerful. Everything you need.

And don’t forget : #UseAnkerInstead it #ChargeEverythingFaster


Great review :thumbsup: thanks for sharing :grin:


thank you for sharing!


Nice review!


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Nice review and photos! :ok_hand:


Good review!


Nice review and picks. I’ve been thinking about replacing one of my older Roav ones that came with a dashcam with new charger.


Great review!! Alloy looks compact :thumbsup:


Definitely looks stylish :sunglasses:


Good review @lololegeek75 thanks for sharing your experience :thumbsup: