PowerDrive 2 Alloy Review FR



Helle everyone,

Thanks to Anker for the test !
I write a small review in Twitter :

This product isn’t available yet in Amazon.FR for the review.


Would you mind posting it here in English?



“After a few days of use, I replace the Anker PowerDrive 2 Elite with the PowerDrive 2. It perfectly charges my iPhone XS and 7. I am surprised by its size and performance. I recommend it :+1:


Thanks for sharing your experience


Great review!


Glad you liking it


Good review!


Here’s My Full Review about the PowerDrive 2 Alloy Mini Car Charger
Blog: https://link.medium.com/EjjTcn8oXX
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NadderHani/status/1145524804591804416


Short and sweet and straight to the point! Thanks for sharing with us :smiley: