PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



@kumar.sachin i really like it. Its small enough i can leave it clipped to jeans and bright enoigh i can use it for anything.

Yes the lens is hard plastic and cleaning it shouldn’t scratch it, that user must have purposely used something harsh to clean it


Great!!! Thanks for your thoughts on that :slight_smile:


I got a LC40 for about a while , no scratches so far.
But I there is no cat in the house! (no emoji)


Congrats last week winners! :tada:




I have 2 LC40’s myself and just an hour ago ordered another 2x LC40’s (with 10% off coupon on Amazon). I just love how versatile they are :clap:


Starting a torch collection? (no emoji)


After collecting over a dozen Earphones/headphones now is the time for flashlights :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :ok_hand:


I started woth flashlights, then it was knives and now headphones too. My next fixation will be speakers…maybe


One of these days he needed to move to a new huge house!


Am sure this has been asked many times and answered many many times…

But how do you all manage so many devices, do you use them sequentially, once a while, some just sit around waiting for light of day? I used to have collection of speakers, chargers, Dashcams, started giving them away to friends and family

Do see that there are headphone collection, speaker, flashlight…


good that you can afford to have these many items :grin:
Anyone know if thse LC series flashlights available in any of the stores like walmart? need to pick up few for me next time I cross the border…


I gave these to son, daughter and friends.
Some I kept.


Is it still possible to cross the border for well known burglars, needing torches for their night jobs?


Yeah, no issues for burglars to cross the border :joy:


@The_Bearded_Tech_Guy are you secretly working on a LIKE marathon??? you just liked ton of my posts today… what’s going on? :thinking:


Seems those are well known by the customs and the need for good ANKER equipment is a real MUST!




You wouldn’t believe how many times my wife asks me to get rid of all the headphones/earphones. I always come up with reasons to keep them :grinning: