PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Yay, I won! It’s been a long time since last time. When should I expect an email?


What item would you like to see auctioned?




That would be a great item. I was thinking about the Flare+ :joy:


Well those 2 would get me going all in, esp as I have neither.


Congratulations my friend. Hope you are feeling better too


I would like to see Rave on Auction block :grin:


Seems, I can leave on Friday
All has been checked. Perfect.


Just received my winners email!

I hope you all get one too!!


That powerdrive 2 alloy


It’s a fairly inexpensive item, so it wouldn’t cost too many $$$


I don’t mind anything good tbh


My point was you would get a good price on it :wink:


Yes I know!


Agreed lolol :joy:


I got mine pretty quickly sometimes it takes them a week or a few days


That thing is a beast I absolutely love mine :upside_down_face::blush:


Just received, thanks for the insight!


Really? Seems like the Powerdrive 2 alloy will become a popular item



They kicked me out today.
No more need to keep the old jerk in the hospital. :joy:

BUT now I know what I was longing for so much:
My Flare, my Zero : MY music: LvB, Mozart, Schubert. :wink: