PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)




He swapped his bits for a speaker :wink:


@Chiquinho how many entries did you play?


I remember, should have been A or 14 (hex) :grin:


Smoking… just one day and 66 entries already? the odds or too low for winning here now,… little better than $500 MEGA Million :thinking: :joy:


Hi everyone,
hope you’re all well

I won last week the SoundBuds Life but I haven’t heard anything from @AnkerOfficial do they contact me or do I contact them?


Check your junk email. Oftentimes the anker prize emails go there


Sadly not, only the usual - exclusive loans - Porn - and Scam emails.


I would message @AnkerOfficial, since they have a tendency to not respond to pings.


Will do thanks!


Since they increased number of entries per person to 20 (previously 10) you will see more entries.


Yeah, I think it is… made it hard to win :wink:


I would agree on that one


20 of them are mine :joy::joy:


Mabey there changing that in the update ?!?!?!?!?


oohhh… now I know the reason for you being too much active on this community :joy:
Good luck buddy, hope your 300 PB’s will get you something :thumbsup:


Haha I only enter in stuff that I want not doing the flash light :+1::+1: I also very much enjoy being apart of this community


lol, let me snipe the flash light then :thumbsup:


Good luck :wink:


Auction this week? Entertainment needed lol!


@ankerofficial I see I won but I haven’t received an email.