PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)

Congrats @MacBlank on winning the speaker

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ohhh I might have to enter for those waterproof bags. Those would be great for a few geocache hides I’d like to do!

Although you feel that people ignored you, when you win prize, everyone is happy for you.:heart:


Not people Anker, you. You ignored me, and didn’t even say happy birthday, not even a few days later, when I tagged you.

I don’t feel ignored on here by anyone else… Just you. I also felt completely let down over the wakey testing, esp after comments made by you, and when I spoke about the disappointment after n tagged you, you ignored me.

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I will reply you as much as possible.:hugs:

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Congrats new winners! :ok_hand:t3:

Congratulations on winning this time :wink:

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I received an e-mail from Anker telling me that my speaker is coming home!! Thanks a lot Anker!!! :slight_smile: (Lots of Anker products right now at home after purchasing lots of Zolo Mojo from Scan UK, the only shop in Europe I have found that deliver to Spain, even if I need adapters to plug them, haha), the Soundcore Icon is going to be the perfect portable speaker for music!!!


Nice congrats :tada::tada::tada:

Hello @AnkerOfficial

I’ve yet to receive an email for my win 2 weeks ago.

@AnkerOfficial I did not received any email for my win too!
Anker please help me!

Congratulations to last week’s winners :gift:

Congrats to last weeks winners. Think there’s a technical glitch as it’s showing 2 winners for the torch and none for the waterproof bag :man_shrugging:t2:

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Winners will be lucky… Torch is better than those pouches :rofl:

Technically yes.

However, I have these pouches (got back in the day of power user) and they do work.

Having said that, I’d rather the torch! lol

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Not had an email for the prize from 2 weeks ago.

where do you see the winners? I never know where to look.

I just browse for people congratulating them.

I have 4 of those pouches, never got to use much, bought them for the Florida trip… never took them out of my baggage

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Congrats winners! Fight to the death for a torch!!! It did say just one prize available.

You were not the only one.
We over the pond need some enlightenments too. :rofl:

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