PowerCore+ 26800 PD 5 lights problem

Anyone else has seen a problem like this one? It doesn’t charge my devices with any port and when I press the button to see the charge it shows 5 lights in a star pattern, picture attached.

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Hi @Jero
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Never seen that before and couldn’t find anything specific to that on a quick Google search.
One thing to try is resetting the unit.

PowerCores can normally be reset by looping the cable from the output port to the charging port for a few seconds. Give that a whirl and please let us know if it works.

Is the unit faulty as in will it take or output a charge?

Also bare in mind Anker gives a longer warranty that most manufactures sonic all else fails you could reach out to support@anker.com for assistance.

All the best.

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I will try that trick, the problem with the warranty is that I live in Argentina.
Will let you know if any progress was made

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@paulstevenewing I’ve tried the cable loop and nothing, there are no signs of doing anything, another thing I didn’t mention is that when I plug it in to charge it shows the 10th led blinking and then everything off like if it was 100%charged

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You need to leave it plugged in for a solid 20-30 seconds

Hey @Jero
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That’s a shame.
Did you try it again for longer as @TechMan suggests?

Is Argentina not covered by Anker?
What about approaching these retailer?

@TechMan I had it plugged for like 2 hours and still nothing
@paulstevenewing I bought it via Amazon on a trip I made to the US, I’m going to try and contact costumer support anyway. Thanks

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Hey @Jero
Hope you’ve had a great day.
Yes do, and let us know their reply.
All the best.