PowerConf S330 USB Conference £50

This would be a good solution wishing to avoid an often issue in the support threads of bluetooth robustness.


Nice little sale.

I may have to invest in one for my wife in the near future with her new job may have some work from home options.

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Good one.

I’ve worked from home for > 20 years, I find limiting wireless is more reliable, so Ethernet connected laptop + wired speakers + mic. If you’re too far from router then Powerline is a good system to get Ethernet to your office.

I usually connect from laptop and phone and mute one of them so I can switch which I’m muting between moving and static.

You cannot avoid background noise from home, especially if kids, so i’d be interested how good this speakerphone is at not picking up other than your own voice?

I have not look at all the spec or remember the ones that I did look at when it first came out but it would potentially be nice to either have a pc or app support to them.

360 coverage is good if you are moving around but it would be nice to deactivate say the back two mics when you are around kids or family and need to limit the noise.

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Nice little work speaker and mic. Most of my stuff has moved back in person but would be nice for those few work meetings from home


Not bad at all

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Good find @professor wonder how this compares to my original version - which is still going strong :+1:t2:



This was a good find by @professor. I am just a contributor to this thread. :slight_smile:


Well, great first contribution @Duane_Lester