powerconf c300 crop tool

Is it possible to add a crop frame function into the software or a zoom-in feature? I have my webcam on my mounted monitor and is far away making me appear small in comparison.

Supposedly it has AI autozoom and focus, https://www.androidguys.com/reviews/anker-powerconf-c300-webcam/amp/, but you have an interesting point about how much field it captures. Not sure if Anker thought about that as a feature, interested if they would issue an official response to this question.
Your other non software option might be to find another camera mount point that gives you the desired initial field and sizing, and then let it zoom and focus around that.

It would definitely make sense to introduce a 60° FOV for near field situations. For a placement on my monitor an arm-length away the 78° is still too wide. In video calls you really want the other participants to see you up close, not some afterthought in the background of the room. :wink:

So, if any of the software developers is reading this: I would really appreciate the lower FOV. :smile: