Powerbucks are increasing, but no chance to spend!

What shall we do with all these bucks we have now stored.
( there is no interest income on those :laughing:)
No chance to spend.

Looks like we are really on a “lost island”.
Nobody of the officials cares for us.

Dear Pei @AnkerOfficial show us please we are not alone.

When I take a look at the activities I feel like an Eremite! :rofl:



How about 1 x €/£/$ per buck accrued to spend on Anker Group products?
I think that sounds extremely fair to me :rofl:


As you said last month

May be the more often it is said the more is a chance to find an open ear.
“Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein” :laughing:

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Would be, but there is no one from the officials to care about.
Should we start a strike? :smile:

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Clearly from Pei’s posts here there has been a staffing issue (too much work for too few people), and that is obviously now accepted and being solved by recruitment.

Position 3 from

In the same way I have almost no chance of winning in the Soundcore community as there’s a handful of members who compete by daily new threads, if they did reintroduce Powerdraw here’s the oldest members having a stockpile of bucks would seem unfair to new members.

So arguably to reinvigorate the community then existing PBs are wiped or exchanged for newer smaller.

Regarding soundcore’s forum you would only have a chance for the pole position using “unsocial media” otherwise you never will do it there.
And we all know, that the famous “Mr. Random” cares about the winners. :laughing:

May be you would be perfect for that job (Nr. 3) which you mentioned.

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I will say it is a little lonely on here. Sure there are the same five people active but I do miss the rest of the gang. Regardless the small community lives on with us :joy:


It’s a bit like being at school but without the teachers.
If we are left along for too long we may turn ferral :grin:


I see how many I have just from visiting on a (nearly) daily basis, and I can only imagine how many those of you who post weekly have now.


Are they even still around? Lol

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They have also stopped the testing that they used to do on a somewhat monthly basis as well or even just threads talking about some of their new products


Maybe we can donate our Powerbucks to a worthy charity…trouble is, they don’t seems to be worth anything now.:wink:

Kinda like sitting on top of a pile of Monopoly money and not even owning the game.

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The labour intensive tasks dropped, and a near-exclusivd focus on social media, combined to make this quiet.

The fact they have two UK/USA vacancies, where salaries are higher, for social media focus, and one China based community manager, tells us where they see their investment priorities.

Seems we all need to hear how wonderful the products are from people with expensive cameras. Basically social media shopping channel. Amazon Live adds to their general view of where they find more customers.

Hope those skillful “unpackers” and “dismantlers” are able to answer these daily questions here satisfactorily
I suppose they never show up here, so they will not.

The have only to “influence” nothing else! :joy:




This will be the second or third attempt to solve, I’d give it 6 months before it goes quiet again due to staffing issues or re-allocation of staff…

Social media uptake will always be higher than the dedicated community…certain conflicts around rules (between the communities) could also have a small bit to do with less postings…

So long as they don’t delete this community it will remain a place for unanswered support threads and venting dissatisfied customers. Still, 2 years later there’s more Soundcore support threads here.

The diversity of Anker products can only be hoped to be answered by a community if you have matching diversity of members. So it’s a net harm to Anker to have an unstaffed quiet community.

One way they killed here was mentioning testing to social media which invited many not-interested accounts to apply so ramping up their effort to select, that was the last two testing stories. Their last competition here they didn’t bother to check if the winner met the rules.



Oh how I miss those testing events (even though I was only accepted to participate in one) wish they would at least bring those back