Power Drive 2 Alloy Review

_This review is for the PowerDrive 2 Alloy Metal Mini Car Charger and is part of the Anker Community Testing Program. _

This device was packaged like other Anker Devices so if you’ve had anything from them before you know to expect easy and non-obtrusive packaging (sorry for the lack of pictures, I was excited to give it a go).

I’ve tried a few other Anker car chargers before this one, those being the PowerDrive 2 and the PowerDrive Speed+ Duo.
Compared to those two devices this one is of course significantly smaller, in fact I’m not so certain a device like this could get any smaller.
Compared to the other chargers I got to say that I love the metal body. The others use this glossy black plastic that scuffs up quickly but this one looks fantastic even after inserting and removing it quite a few times.

I’d say it performs like the PowerDrive 2. I had a Dash Cam and a Galaxy S10+ connected to this while driving and never ran into any issues.

I’d say it’s worth a buy if you’re looking for something slim that’s not going to take up a lot of space, I’d love to see a USB-PD version of this in the future if at all possible


Thanks for sharing this detailed review and the comparison pictures! Great job! :grin:

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Great you made these comparisons.
Very helpful for customers.

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Thanks for the info… perfect comparison picture. I gave my wife my old PowerDrive 2 when I upgraded to the Elite. This looks like a good leave in solution for when I have several gadgets in the car.

Nice review! :ok_hand:

Great job with the comparisons. :slight_smile:

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thanks for sharing!!

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Good charger that’s for sure

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I loved the close up photos, they were nicely done. :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2: