Power Delivery or PowerIQ 3.0 for iPhone?

I was thinking to buy a new wall charger for my iPhone 6s.
Which charger do you offer? with PD or IQ3 technology? (or even IQ2)


With an iPhone 6s you’ll get fast charging using either PowerIQ or PowerIQ 2.0. And you won’t need to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable. You can use a regular Lightning cable.

Power Delivery and PowerIQ 3.0 run on USB-C ports only, requiring the USB-C to Lightning cable. Older iPhones don’t support PD. And I haven’t seen confirmation PowerIQ 3.0 still supports Apple 2.4A (the fast charging standard your phone uses).

That said, if you get a 2-port charger or power bank with USB PD/PowerIQ 3.0 and PowerIQ you’ll future proof yourself for your next iPhone. Which will fast charge with USB PD and PowerIQ 3.0.

More details on picking a good charger for older and newer iPhones here.


Alright. For a future iPhone, which one is a better option in your opinion - PowerIQ 3.0 or PD?

Either is fine. Apple is expected to continue to support USB PD. It’ll still work when they finally move to USB-C ports and they make their own USB PD chargers. No reason to think otherwise.

PowerIQ 3.0 supports USB PD and works with current iPhones. I’m sure the iPhone market is big enough Anker will make sure they maintain compatibility.

PowerIQ 3.0 is useful if you also have a Quick Charge compatible device to fast charge. If only for an iPhone there’s no benefit. But no real downside either.