Power bank with flashlight

Guys I have idea, if Anker do power banks with flashlight will you buy it?
I definitely YES!!! if it will be portable as 10.000 Mah anker powerbanks.

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They use to. In fact, it was one of my first Anker products.

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do you have link of it?
i do resarch found 0 anker power bank with flashlight :smiley:

Sorry, I no longer have it. It was stolen. This was years ago.

It would be great if they were to release power banks with flashlights

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I used to have one of the lipstick shaped powerbanks that had a built in flashlight, but I can’t find it on amazon.

I Am looking 10.000 mah or more with flashlight, UP posted one but it 5600 mah only…

looks like not avialible on amazon

If @AnkerOfficial brings this back (or a later iteration) I would be interested as well.

@AnkerOfficial answer us :smiley:

They actually do! It’s a new powerbank

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They do them now on their car charger.

I am not a fan of the idea, these were de-facto across all brands but the light was feeble.

The product I think they should make is merge their flashlights with a power-out socket. Would be still compact if they did it USB Type C so one socket to recharge the flashlight connect to recharge your phone. So a flashlight primarily with secondary powerbank capability. I doubt it would be much bigger. Would be a really good gift item.

price/size so much!