Power bank focus group opportunity! New York only!

“Hi Anker Fans! We are currently looking for people who purchased a portable power bank from stores like Best Buy, Target, or Walmart within the last month to participate in a focus group!”

If this interests you, fill out the following survey to be considered:

Best of luck to all!


Link To Official Social Media Page


@TechMan is this an Anker’s survey or your survey?


or have you joined Anker as Ambassador or influencer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good for NY folks!

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It’s ankers survey.

I have no idea if the chosen will get free stuff or such…

Oh cool… But it is authentic if Ankerofficial had posted it.

We know you as member so must be authentic, however such posts by regular members can be deceptive since it asks for address and personal details. Anyone can create this Google.docs form and harvest user data

No hard feeling, just observation

Well then, link to the social media page.

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Thanks for sharing the Twitter link :+1:

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I understand your concerns.:innocent:
But only the form creator can check the submitted information.

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My take here was, I had not seen the media link on Twitter and saw the post directly on Anker community by one of the members.

If the survey was posted by @AnkerOfficial - that would have added authenticity that this was Anker’s Official Survey. However the first version was posted as a regular Survey (though this was by our friend @TechMan ) I wouldn’t put my details or even share it on Twitter / Instagram till the time I know this was Authentic by Anker / Ankerofficial.

I wouldn’t mind sharing my details to Anker - been doing it for so long for all the testing items :joy:

But these forms are so easy to copy / remake, anyone can make duplicates and post it in pretext of Anker and harvest data which may be a bigger issue

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Yes, it’s true.

Thanks for bringing it up @Shenoy

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I participated and completed a session! I absolutely love it and highly recommend anker fans join!!

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Awesome! Hope you enjoy.

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