Poor support on AliExpress

Hello Anker,

I’ve noticed that it’s no support of the page on the AliExpress at all, except for some sales dates. It’s not serious for such company who sell one of the most expensive products in the category on AliExpress. I see that other players like Baseus, Xiaomi, Ugreen do their best to make engaging posts on daily basis. But Anker just do not post anything for the last month…

Also it’s super slow response time on any question to the support team there. Looks that they don’t care about customers and sales.

I hope that this information will help you to improve quality of customers support on the global scale on that platform as well.

And last thing. It’s no new products available on the AliExpress at all. I wanna see there all the range of the new products as well.

Keep going. Keep growing.

Why not use Amazon instead?

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Sometimes it’s cheaper or more convenient to order there, especially when I get a discount from AliExpress and can use it to reduce the price of any product that I want to order…

I would prefer to buy from a reputable seller, instead saving some bucks
“We are too poor to buy cheap” my grandma told me.

As the rest have said @anton.danilchenko

Manufacturers have different relationships with retailers.
I understand Anker supplies to Ali and Ali takes any comeback of faults queries and questions.

Ali probably makes more profit by accepting all comebacks and warranty problems - its a safe bet when dealing with reputable manufacturers. Hence cheap prices to the customer and probably the reason for poor service -they don’t expect the comebacks so don’t increase staff levels to deal with them.
To be fair ive used Ali a couple of times and both times the outcome has been positive, but feedback seems to be very mixed.

But, hey guys. The seller on AliExpress is the official Anker shop. Nobody else sell the Anker products on AliExpress (and it’s good thing). But the quality of their service on AliExpress is very poor compared to other marketplaces. It’s what I’m trying to say and trying to help Anker to increase their sales there as well (because Amazon doesn’t work in all regions and it’s why AliExpress is so popular in some countries)

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Maybe Anker will see this post and pay more attention

Hey @anton.danilchenko,

Welcome to the community!
And thank you for your suggestion! Glad to hear voice from AliExpress customers here. :laughing:
We have just forwarded this post to Anker AliExpress team. :blush: We will keep eye on this case and let you know if there is any update from them.

Didn’t know that sorry, but as far I see Pei forwarded that to that special “Anker AliExpress team”

the biggest issue with Aliexpress is that Anker has to adhere to their return policy which limits the actual return and warranty period to just 30 to 90 days depending on the product and not the full 18 month warranty like on most other products brought from Amazon or other vendors. So sure you may get a discount and save money, but you will forfeit the backend support of the product in the event things go wrong. Anker has to adhere to aliexpress is warranty agreement otherwise they would not be aloud to sell on that platform. many users are ok with not having such a long warranty period, but then come crying when they get no help or are only offered a partial refund due to this. My thinking is that is why you do not see as much presence of anker on that platform, due to the nature of their agreement

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