Points and Bucks for sharing on Social Media - how to get these?

From this morning have started seeing this new tagline on most posts

Don’t forget, you can earn points and bucks by sharing on social media!image

@AnkerOfficial can you please tell us how to claim these Points and bucks.

I have shared many articles from community and events to social media and interested to know how to get these points and PBs?


Been wondering about that myself. I didn’t see anything in the rules or “how to earn powerbucks” section.

This is something new introduced today… Saw a system post on it


It appears that you get 5 points for sharing a post on social media- don’t know the point cap.

You get the points for just following the link, you don’t even actually have to share it. Which isn’t good at all…

only point is added no PB …

Good catch there @TechMan That is a system flaw and can be gamed :grin:

@AnkerOfficial for your attention…

Also this new feature. When you click on someone’s name, this brand new page comes up. It also allows you to follow them (too right corner). Very interesting…

Anker should start a new competition… find all the new features released :yum:

On our profile page, there is this “Network” added with Following & followers

Thanks for following me, and I am already following you :slight_smile:

Np. Yeah, that’s how I originally found it, I found that Tab…