Plex vs Kodi for streaming from NAS

I have a NAS loaded with my content.
Which one between Plex and Kodi would you rather use to stream videos?
Which one is more user friendly on the Nebula Cosmos?
Thank you

Give both a try

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I have Kodi, VLC, and Plex in my house. Although I’m a Solar Portable user, this may be useful info…

  • VLC is by far the best for ISO images (they’ve also fixed the “globe” bug now so you can go to the main DVD menu with no problems - handy for TV Series and the like)

  • Plex I’ve found totally great for my music collection - it’s so easy to use on the Nebula.

  • Have not tried BubbleUPNP yet, which is my goto music playing program, but Plex is really great.