Pease help: Right ear bud draining fast Liberty Air 2


My Anker Liberty Air 2, right bud is draining charge so fast. Bought the buds before 2 weeks. Tried to reset, made the Left bud main but the situation remains same.

The left bud charge remains perfect.

Somebody please help !

Usually it is typical with truly wireless earbuds that one earbud drains faster than the other due to how they are paired to one another and then to the device. How much faster would you say that the right one is draining than the left, for example would you say you get one hour, two hours, three hours more on the left bud than the right. I know some on the community have seen an hour different sometimes close to two but more than that it might than be a problem with the buds. I am pretty sure the right earbud is the default bud that connects to the device and the other bud for the liberty air 2 but others one here might correct me. If it isn’t a huge time difference then this is normal.

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