PD version of PowerPort III Pod?

I would like to know about Anker’s plan to release a PD version (not PiQ version) for PowerPort III Pod?

Good question, hope Anker answers you but they have a habit of not.

PIQ3 mimicks PD and mimics QC. There are advantages to not being PD, you don’t have to use certified components, and you can tweak away to lower costs.

There are teardown of this product showing the components.

I “tried” a PD only charger recently and found it wouldn’t charge my Galaxy S20 or iPad Pro as fast as the PiQ3 charger i had.

For me, this worked better,

Than this,

However, I still prefer PD-only version (I don’t need any QC compatibility right now)

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It’s a zoo, I’d not be so sure a PD charger works for your needs. So long as you buy from a reputable seller who does free return, I’d not be dimisive of IQ3, it may work, and may work better than PD for your devices.

It’s good to ask the question. Anker may reply. Or not. If a PD version is in works may come at some date. In the meanwhile, I suggest try to find what works today if you need today. If you don’t need today then waiting always is better for technology to improve.

My own guess, which can be wrong, is were crying out for multiple PD ports, and to do that with official PD is technically challenging in the smallest form factor, and so I’m predicting IQ3 is more likely than PD from Anker.

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