Our First-Ever Docking Station is Here!


Hello There, Anker Fans!

Get ready for a special announcement, an announcement so special that we had to change our usual “Hey Anker Fans!” to an extra-special “Hello There, Anker Fans!”

Today we are delighted to finally announce the release of PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Dock—an all-in-one docking station that allows you to connect just about anything imaginable. With high-speed charging, media display up to 5K, ultra-fast data transfer, crystal-clear audio output, and so much more—PowerExpand has it all.

If your job or hobby finds you needing to connect more devices and peripherals than your laptop can handle, then upgrade to PowerExpand to make your life easier and your work more productive.

Click here to see the full details and remember to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Power On!


That’s a lot of flexibility in one small box @AnkerOfficial :+1:t2:

Looks good but the price tag is out of my range for use (the 7in1 covers most of my bases) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice. Could be little cheaper but its worth it

I am a big fan of docking stations: just one cable to plug and unplug whenever you’re on the go or simply want to change your view while working.

Is there a launch date for the UK @AnkerOfficial? I saw the images on the US site before changing my location (frustratingly this doesn’t seem to be retained in cookies) but nothing on the UK version of the site.

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Cool but I have no use for it

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This is something I have been waiting on… all the ports I need , will wait on some good discount for it,

This would be perfect for me and my wife, we currently use the 7 in 1 but that still limits us to what we can plug in and use at the same time. But this would be great for us as it allows more freedom and still with just 1 single connection to our workstations/ laptops.

But dang that price, way out of my reach as its just me working right now. Sigh :confused:

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That was my thought with it. I have a dock I am currently using which has its limitations, so I would love to use this. Until I opened the Amazon link. I can expense out items for work but I would have a hard time justifying it to my accounting department.

I think, the message will be same across this post, wow so many ports, but price… double wow wow :smiley:

incoming 30% off

@Momo_Bobo where is it coming from and when :wink:

That price tho :dizzy_face:. I guess someone who has that kind of a workflow might be able to afford it but wow that’s something else.

Lot of options, needed when you buy a laptop that has one port ONLY.

Hahaha in the far future…

Hint hint (:apple::green_apple::apple::green_apple::apple::green_apple: ) :rofl:

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indeed 30% off will occur but that level of discount can take months before it happens. Usual is 18% discount almost immediately, then flip-flops between up/voucher/down.

Real patience will get your 40% discount. As it’s now late June that’s probably a Black Friday timeframe.

If you want lots of ports and lower cost, what about daisy-chaining multiple hubs if they aren’t going to be moved around?

e.g. add some USB-A ports:

to another hub has few/none of them?

Wow, it looks like it means business.