OnePlus 5t Dash Charge

Hi guys,

I’ve owned a OnePlus 5t for some years and I would like to get a new charging, I’d like to know if Anker cables support it since I can’t find that in the product page.

This one to be more specific

It you’re planning to use the OnePlus 5t’s original charger you’ll want to get a USB-C to USB-A cable that supports 5A. OnePlus’ chargers operate differently than most others. They use more current (amps). But most C-to-A cables will only handle up to 3A. You can use a 3A cable, but it’ll slow down the charge. Most notable while the phone is <50%.

I don’t know if Anker offers any 5A C-to-A cables. They don’t list such specs. And outside of OnePlus’s older Dash chargers it isn’t a requirement for most devices. You may need to stick with OnePlus’ own charging products to keep optimal fast charging.

Thanks for the help!!

Better to buy a cable directly from One+