Once You’ve Felt the Difference, You’ll Never Go Back


“Oh! That actually feels real nice.”

That’s what Michael, one of our product managers up on the 7th floor, said as he clicked the mute button on my new OnePlus phone.

I had trouble getting my phone back. He just kept clicking that button again and again. “It’s surprisingly satisfying!” he said to me afterward.

It’s strange how those little things sensory things can transform a mundane everyday task.

Michael had the same reaction when we gave him our all-new PowerLine III Flow USB-C to Lightning Cable. “Hey! That’s surprisingly soft. It feels nice”. And we guarantee you’ll feel the same when you get your hands on it yourselves.

(Reconstruction of Michael’s reaction to feeling PowerLine III Flow for the first time)

PowerLine III Flow’s surprising softness comes from its silica gel finish. It feels silky-soft between your fingers as you plug the cable into your device. It’s a brief experience, but one that feels totally different from your normal charging routine. But there’s more to Flow than how it feels.

It’s also super strong. Under the soft silica exterior, our engineers have surrounded the copper wires with ultra-strong and flexible graphene. The result is a cable with a tensile strength of 220 lbs (100 kg) and a 25,000-bend lifespan. An iPad Pro 12.9‑inch weighs 643 grams (1.42 pounds), so even if you drop it, the cable connectors will survive the violent tug.

And just like our other cables, PowerLine III Flow is ready for fast charging. When paired with a 20W Power Delivery charger, you can charge your iPhone 12/12 Pro to 50% in just 25 minutes.

Flex your style while you charge with Flow’s 5 fresh finishes: Coral Pink, Lavender Grey, Mint Green, Cloud White, and Midnight Black. Head on over to Amazon or our official website and grab the World’s strongest soft cable for just:

:us: $21.99 (3 ft) / $24.99 (6 ft)

:uk: £15.99 (3 ft) / £17.99 (6 ft)

:de: €15.99 (3 ft) / €17.99 (6 ft)

What are you waiting for? Buy yours now :point_right:On Amazon:point_left: or here on our :point_right:Official Store:point_left:


Good there are black ones.


I like the soft colors, too!

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I never would go for barbie pink! :laughing:

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I love the color coral pink :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I know!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I had one of these in black and highly recommend to any of my friends.


Had? Did one of those friends steal it or something? Because it should never break, and if you’ll never go back surely you didn’t get rid of it…

I like the idea of durable cables. But if there is a fall, and the cable doesn’t have a failure point, then eventually one of the devices connected to it will. I would much rather a broken cable than a broken charging port on my phone or power supply. So I’m not sure what to make of the durability claims here.


It does look pretty good. I may be wrong but I think this has a stronger tensile strength rating as I thought the powerline was like under 200. May check that out after I get off work.

I like all colors but the white one as I think that one just show grit and grime a lot more.

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I wish there was a teal one like the cable dave2d had made at one point. I would be sold on that personally.


It’s hard to imagine what these feel like. Maybe @AnkerOfficial send a cable to the first 10 users who replied so that we can test and review it for them. Just a thought.


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My main concern is this: does the new material attract more dust? My biggest gripe with silicone is its propensity to attract a ton of dust.

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Strangely I wouldn’t mind purchasing any of those colours (this coming from someone who usually follows the below mantra) :grin:



That purple and green color :heart_eyes:

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Ditto. It seems like they selected the least offensive shade of pink, purple, and green. I usually stick to WHITE cables for my Apple devices and BLACK cables for my Android devices, but I might pick up all 3 of the other colored cables.


agreed I like the less aggressive color choices. So far I think the green is my favorite. Im hoping they will make a teal blue one in the future but if not I would be happy with any of those

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Maybe it’s one of those which you can just wipe and clean to remove the “dirt”

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Like several have said already, the colors are all great. I like the green and white more though. Maybe you can create a blue down the road as well?

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The white ones from A++ple are “grubby” after a certain time of use. :roll_eyes: