Notification Tone (sounds like all other generic apple tones)

Hi guys,

Massive fan of the cameras, got them back on kickstarter days.

Major gripe, I had trespassers on my property and I ignored my notifications as they sound the same as others. (They were scared off in the end when I heard them)

Can we please have the option to chose a new tone that will actually look at my phone and investigate the problem, for me, I would love a short siren noise so I know exactly what has notification it is.

(actually I would take any 'different noise/chime) I think on apple the user can’t change the tone but the developers of the app can?

Many thanks, love your products.

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I think this is more of a problem with Apple than with anker…

That’s a huge disappointment, and I hope you get the situation resolved regarding the intruders

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completely agree, infuriating apple. However other apps I have, have different chimes for notifications, therefore knowing what app is notifying you.

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