No Soundcore app support for Life Q20?

Hi all, I’m a newbie to the forum but love all things Anker owning a v1 Soundcore speaker & just got the Life Q20 as a birthday gift. And these headphones are kick-ass! But I was surprised to find that the Bluetooth chip isn’t supported by the Soundcore app? In fact, here in the UK, only the Life NC earphones show as being supported? Does anyone know why no app support? I’d quite like to customise the EQ…

It’s not the chip, just most soundcore products aren’t supported by the app.

Thanks @TechMan
I contacted Anker Customer Support and this is what they said…
“The Bluetooth chip of this product doesn’t support the APP, that’s why it isn’t in the list. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We will improve this in the future.”
Is the Soundcore app a new thing?

Hi Kevin,
The Soundcore app is about year old it was released early 2018.

@AnkerOfficial Are there any plans for the app to support the Life Q20 or any other headphones in the range for that matter?

Bet Andrew can guess what app I’d suggest! lol

Lots of Anker/Soundcore products aren’t adapted via the app to keep down costs. To keep the goods simple and not need updates, they aren’t available on the app.

As Andrew says, it’s got nothing to do with whatever Bluetooth chip you have/haven’t got.

Poweramp :joy:.

People haven’t used my name in so long, I was afraid everyone forgot it :joy:


Use your device(smartphone) equalizer.

It would be really helpful to have just one app that had the ability to control a variety of products. Moving towards more integration would be awesome.